Interview Magazine                                                                                       Aug-Jan 2023

(production intern)

Interview Magazine is an renowned American magazine known for its intimate conversations with celebrities, artists, musicians, and more, as well as its unique photographic and visual language. 

-       Key collaborator and aide to Interview’s Managing Editor and Production Managers and all their tasks.

-       Helped shape creative direction and vision for spreads, infusing the talents’ story and the Interview Magazine visual ethos.

-       Crafted visual decks to pitch creative direction, photographers, and stylists to talent. 

-       Oversaw photoshoots as lead production and photo assistant, coordinating all teams, talent, and equipment on set.

-       Handled logistics for sample trafficking, including pickup and delivery and ensuring brand credits are represented in styling.

-       Conducted interviews and content collection on set to be used by Social Media Editor for all platforms.

March 2024 Issue

Sabrina Carpenter

photographed by Connor Cunningham 
styled by Ronnie Hart

Winter 2023 Issue

Ming Lee Simmons

photographed by Christian Soria
styled by Stephanie Perez


photographed by Chessa Subbondino
styled by Dara

Celine Feature

photographed by Quentin Belt
styled by Lucy Gaston

Fall 2023 Issue 

Peggy Gou

photographed by Christian Soria
styled by Daniel Gaines


photographed by Logan Jackson
styled by Dara

DeSe Escobar 

photographed by Michael Wolever
styled by Juje Hsiung