The Avenue Magazine                                                                                        2020-2023

(editorial photographer, communications associate, communications director, and photo director)

The Avenue Magazine is Northeastern University’s student run Fashion and Lifestyle magazine. Each issue follows a conceptual theme (i,e Disrupt, Dive, Velocity, Awakening, etc), often a reflection of coming of age, youth, obsession, life, and more through the lens of fashion. Throughout development, the Avenue’s teams works together to execute a 125-page printed magazine full of engaging articles, editorial photoshoots, and edgy deisgn.

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Photo Director 

Creative directed and oversaw photography of entire DIVE issue - available here to read. 
Ensured locations, talent, photographers, and glam team were prepped and ready to execute high level editorial photography. 


Editorial Photographer 

Surrealism in Fashion

Internal VS External Beauty

Heroin Chic

Nightime Routines

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